Multi-media speeds up news delivery

BLOG 1 (Week 2)

My knees are trembling and you’re probably asking why?

I’ve just completed several years of study to snag a print journalist job, and quite frankly, I’m now nothing shy of nervous about where my career is headed.

My love affair with the newspaper has never wavered, but the more I read, the further I see how important it is for me to grasp the new media phenomenon.

 Pushing me into this unfamiliar territory is my loyal readers. 

Gone are the days where people spared a lazy hour or two to flick through the pages of their favourite newspaper. 

No, society is now so time-poor that it demands news in a quick simple format, and in turn, changing how news is being consumed.

 In enters the internet. 

This powerful dashboard brings together various forms of media onto a single platform making it an attractive tool for its audiences. 

And thanks to some smart newspaper publishers, who wish to keep their heads above water, they have fully embraced what the internet and new technology has to offer.

Take for example BBC News  , a world leader in delivering news through the use of multi-media.

Multi-media is changing the way newsrooms operate and how news is being delivered.

There are many news-gathering tools within this new medium, and I for one, are taking some time to navigate through the endless information to understand it.

But with the help of my new best friends, The Edublogger  and YouTube, I’m sure I’ll be up to speed in no time.
– Here’s an interesting article I found regarding the shift in journalism from print to the internet


2 thoughts on “Multi-media speeds up news delivery

  1. Thanks Shonelle but it still needs some work (I’ll worry about that another day!)
    What’s your blog address? I still haven’t added anyone’s URL’s to my blogroll. Call it slack! I’m only just getting around to completing this week’s reading and post!!!!

  2. @Chamon I’m Glad The Edublogger is your new best friend. It is good to know my posts help. I’m always looking for ideas for posts so please don’t hesitate to tell me topics that are confusing you as they often make good topics for posts that help many of our users.

    You might also like to check out my personal blog which also covers similar topics but more extensively.

    When someone leaves a comment in a post – if you hover over their name if they have left a link to their blog it will show you. Alternatively click on their name and it will take you to their blog. (That is response to your question to @Shonelle).

    Best of luck with blogging.

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